'Home of the Year' Award - March 2012

Awarded Pittsburgh Magazine's 'Home of the Year' in March 2012, this Victorian-style home is the new gem of Gibsonia, PA. Working wilth Primrose Homes and a seattle based architectural firm called CornerStone Designs, Lamont Drywall flawlessly assist in completing this 2-year long project.

The Victorian era was characterized by ornate trim details with eclectic touches. A very complex structural perspective construbutre oto the developement of the houses many interesting architectural features. In the center of the home is a two-story rotunda, 16 feet in diameter; it has round stairs, railings, a circular balcony hallway and a domed ceiling with backlit windows, while all the rooms on each level feed off it. Primrose and Lamont tried to incorporate as many true-to-form components from the appropriate time period. Even though the home reflects a 100-year-old home, it is filled with modern technology and designs. Lamont Drywall was proud to work on such an intricate, highly celebrated project.

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